NDC delivers Compliance, Trust Accounting and Fraud Prevention Training to all Levels of Management and Staff

The benefits include:

  • Improved knowledge of trust accounting, legislative requirements and fraud prevention practices
  • Increased knowledge to standardise business processes
  • Improved practices and procedures to minimise the future risk of fraud
  • Defined responsibilities for an Officer in Effective Control compared to a Director
  • Shared successful business practices and lessons learnt amongst franchisees

Did you know that in Real Estate, an alleged fraud typically occurs in Property Management?

Sometimes it is necessary to investigate a circumstance of an alleged fraud. If you have concerns, then you should act quickly to identify the nature and amount of the alleged fraud. Often a preliminary report is required to inform Consumer Affairs Victoria in the event the investigation may take some time.

NDC has extensive experience in fraud investigation and can also assist you to improve current practices so as to reduce the risk of fraud in the future. Contact us now!