Starting a New Real Estate Business?

Restructuring an Existing Real Estate Agency?

Planning for Growth in a Real Estate Agency?

NDC has significant experience assisting clients to put in place the necessary building blocks to drive performance and effect business turnaround.

Starting a new business or restructuring an existing business is challenging and complex. It involves more than listing and selling property. Today’s industry leaders work on their business and empower their staff to perform by developing a culture that is supportive to drive performance.

Key questions that all Real Estate Principals should consider are:

  • Do I have a strategic plan?
  • What are my business objectives and how will I achieve them?
  • How should I grow the business – by acquisition, branch office, franchise etc?
  • Do I have key performance indicators?
  • Do I review performance against objectives on a regular basis?
  • Do I have a performance management plan for staff?
  • Do I have the staff with the right skills?
  • Is my business legislatively compliant?
  • Do I have an efficient trust accounting structure?
  • Do I have efficient processes and procedures?

If you have doubts about the above questions, contact a real estate specialist now!